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SKF E-Twow Front Bearing 6002-2RS
SKF Bearings for the front wheel for all e-twow e-scooter models. 1 piece!1 piece bearings for the e-twow e-scooter all models for the front wheel (motor). Every wheel needs 2 bearings.

XIAOMI E-Scooter Schlauch Xiaomi
Spare inner tube for Xiaomi Mi Scooter!for Xiaomi E-Scooter 8 1/2 x 2 Scope of delivery: 1 piece

SUPER73 Inner Tube 20x4.5/5
Don't wait until your next flat tire to purchase inner Tubes for your SUPER73.Sold as 1 unit (one tube) Dimension: 20"x4.5"/5" Schrader valve *Recommended 20-25 PSI may vary dependent on riding terrain and weight of the rider.

E-Scooter Tube 200 x 50
Spare inner tube for Scooter! 8" x 2"for Scooter 8" x 2" Scope of delivery: 1 piece

XIAOMI E-Scooter Tire Xiaomi M365
Sparepart for the Mi 365 E-Scooter from Xiaomi!One piece tyre for the Xiaomi M365.

E-TWOW E-Twow Front Wheel 200x45
Spare Rubber Part for the Front Wheel! to exchange the rubber Front Wheel every E-Twow Model! Scope of delivery: 1 piece

E-TWOW E-Twow Booster V Fork Front Cover
Fork Front Cover, for the new E-Twow Booster V Model!for new E-TWOW Model Scope of delivery: 1 piece

E-Bike Throttle
E-Bike throttle. Fits for some e-bikes like the Super73 ZX, S2, Z-Miami and RX models. Scope of delivery: 1 piece

E-TWOW E-Twow Motor Cable
Cable from motor to controller for Etwow and SXT Light!Wire connects motor and controller.

SUPER73 ZX Controller
A brandnew original ZX Controller!Easy install! Only for ZX Super73 Bikes.

XIAOMI E-Scooter Xiaomi-Wheel Ventilverlängerung
Helps to refill your E-Scooter Air-Wheels with a bike-pump. Scope of delivery: 1 x piece

NINEBOT Ninebot by Segway Max G2 E
Next Generation following the Max G30 - but more range and more power! Weight: 24 kg Range: up to 70 km (Eco-Modus) Speed: 25 km/h Wheels: 10.5" selfhealing tubeless airwheels Motor: 450W Brushless DC Motor Brake: Dual Brake System front and rear spring integrated flash lights foldable maximum load: 120 kg  

E-TWOW E-Twow Rear Suspension/ Fender Axle
Rear suspension Axle 39mm for every E-Twow modelSpare Part rear suspension Axle if you lost it.

XIAOMI E-Scooter Rubber Tire 8 1/2 x2 Xiaomi M365
One piece rubber tire without tube for the Mi 365 E-Scooter from Xiaomi! 8 1/2 x 2One piece tyre without tube for the Xiaomi M365. 8 1/2 x 2

NINEBOT Ninebot F-Series F2 Pro E by Segway
The new F-Series comes in a new deisgn and more power together with an unbeatable price. Weight: 18.5 kg Range: up to 55 km (Eco Modus) Speed: 25 km/h Wheels: 10" Airwheels selfhealing and tubeless Motor:400W Brushless DC Motor Brake: Dual Brake System foldable integrated flash lights Traktionscontrollsystem (TCS) maximum load: 120kg  

TSG TSG Helm Meta Solid Color
high protection effect (EN 1078) Sizes: S-M/  L-XL / XXL Material: PP (Propene Polymer), EPS, Polyester, Nylon FullCut EN 1078 (Bikes & Skates) Weight: 440g

E-TWOW E-Twow Gummiabdeckung Controller GT
Rubber Protect for the Controller for all E-twow GT 2019 and 2020!Fits fpr all E-Twow GT.

E-TWOW E-Twow Front Spring
Front Spring for EtwowFits for Etwow and SXT

E-Scooter inner tube 10" x 2.125"
inner tube 10" x 2.215"inner tube 10" x 2.215" Scope of delivery: 1 piece

SUPER73 Wheel Liner Black
More safety for your tires! Color is black!Scope of delivery: 1 piece for 1 tire! We recommend wearing protective gear as these bikes are powerful. Ride safely and enjoy it!

- 33%
APOLLO Apollo Air 2022
The new Apollo Air 2022 is soon available at our store. Slim and robust, the Apollo Air Pro reaches a top speed of 33km/h and a rear motor. Thanks to the 10 inch air tires and the dual front suspension you will enjoy full comfort while riding. The Apollo app allows you to lock the scooter and gives insight into riding modes, range, routes and much more. Weight: 17,5 kg Range: 41 km Charging time: 5-6 hours Speed: 33 km/h Warranty: 12 months manufacturer warranty Wheels: 10 Zoll Tubeless tire (with puncture protection) Power: 36V / 500W Material: Aluminium Inclination: 10° Break: front drum break / back regen  light: back and front Folding mechanism Max. load: 100 kg Please note that some more distant destinations might not apply for shipping an E-Scooter (for example Greece, Malta, Zyprus etc.)

€799.95 €1,199.95
NINEBOT Ninebot F-Series F2 Plus E by Segway
The new F-Series comes in a new design and more power. Weight: 17.7 kg Range: up to 55 km (Eco Modus) Speed: 25 km/h Wheels: 10" Airwheels selfhealing and tubeless Motor: 400W Brushless DC Motor Brake: Dual Brake System foldable integrated flash lights Traktionscontrollsystem (TCS) maximum load: 120kg  

SUPER73 GRZLY Tire 20"
Front tire in 4.5 and Back Tire in 5.0 available. This tire will take you on any adventure off the paved path. The aggressive knobby thread pattern, offers excellent grip on any terrain, especially on loose dirt, gravel and mud. Ride with no limits. Those wheels will provide consistent contact and grip on any rock and asphalt. Enjoy the freedom that comes with this update and explore with the confidence that the GRZLY tires don't back down from any challange. Price for one tire inner tube not included

Egret Egret Mate by Tex-Lock
High class rope for integrated locks for Egret X ad Egret Pro. Rope Legth: 120cm Weight: 1040g