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Finde passende Hindernisse und Rampen bei E-Craft: alle Top Marken und ein riesiges Lager.

ELECTRICSTOKE Electricstoke Power Button
The Power Button was the first Rock and that's for a reason. Thanks to the low angle edges it offers a great launch point for distances or downhill.Height 5,5cm  Diameter 16cm - 7cm (bottom; top)  Weight 822g Random color

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ELECTRICSTOKE Electricstoke Bar o' Soap
The perfekt trail rock. This hypnotic looking bar fits in any bad and will help you to clear or climb up feature in the wildHeight 83cm / Length 953cm / Width 63cm Weight 280g Random color

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ELECTRICSTOKE Electricstoke Gem
This obstacle offers 4 different heights and angles. The Gem is a very universal rock and allows you to do distance/downhill bonks and vertical pops Height 5cm  Diameter 14cm - 6cm (bottom; top)  Weight 510g Random color

ELECTRICSTOKE Electricstoke Volcano
Not for the fainted heart. The volcano offers the most vertical pop and is the tallest Rock in the collection.Height 7cm  Diameter 16cm - 7cm (bottom; top)  Weight 850g Random color

ELECTRICSTOKE Electricstoke Hump
Very universal Rock for your Onewheel jumps. Get different jump heights on different sides of the rockHeight 6cm  Diameter 7,5cm - 17cm (bottom; top)  Weight 737g Random color

ELECTRICSTOKE Electricstoke Bump
Learn and practice the most commonly used Onewheel skill. The Bump will help you to get over the curb and climb into the driveway.Height 3cm Dimeter 11,5-7,5 cm (bottom-top) Weight 280g

ELECTRICSTOKE Electricstoke Rock Garden
Can't decide which obstacle will be the best for your skill-level? Why decide when you can take all of them. 6 obstacles with varying shape and size help you with different tasks and progress without limitations. The bundle includes one of each Rock (Bump, Bar O' Soap, Hump, Gem, Volcano, Power button) The Set contains random colors.6 Obstacles Diffrent sizes Random Colors

Graw J15 Ramp
Build your own skatepark!Height: 20 cm Deep: 76 cm Width: 50 cm made of wood Weight: 6 kg