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#1 Workshop for E‑Mobility in Vienna

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Guidance & Test drives

The E-Scooter Center in Vienna

As the first e-scooter specialist workshop and specialist dealer in Vienna, we have many years of know-how.  We know exactly what is important when it comes to e-scooters.
Why go to E-Craft?
At E-Craft we have been working closely with the market leaders in the e-scooter industry for years. Due to the direct cooperation with the manufacturers, we have the necessary specialist knowledge about e-scooter sales advice and e-scooter repairs. For us, service and quality are in the foreground, so we only sell branded products. E-scooters are our passion.

E-Scooter Sale

The first modern e-scooters as we know them today reached us in 2014. Light, practical and with a lot of power. We were immediately impressed by the ingenious design of the modern e-scooter. We have already driven many thousands of kilometers ourselves. In this way we can pass on our knowledge and passion for e-scooters to our customers. Since we not only know the advantages but also the weak points, we know exactly which models and brands can meet our high standards. We only carry high-quality brands that we drive and have tested ourselves.

E-Scooter Repair

With the sale of e-scooters, the need for professional repair quickly arose. That is why we founded Austria's first e-scooter workshop in 2018. We work at transparent and fair prices and offer a large stock of spare parts to process orders as quickly as possible.

E-Scooter Showroom

In our e-scooter showroom you can test the models yourself and test drive them. Nothing is more convincing than feeling the driving style of an e-scooter yourself. When talking to our specialist staff, we can respond directly to your wishes and ideas and thus find the right model.


The E-Mobility Center Vienna

We have been trading in e-scooters since 2015. We were one of the first in Vienna to deal professionally with e-scooters. It all started with our own need to tavel fast and easy in Vienna. After the first models with an acceptable range and low weight were available on the market, we were immediately enthusiastic. In 2018 we founded the first e-scooter workshop in Vienna with sales and workshop in one location. E-Craft is the first address for e-scooters in the heart of Vienna.

We pay attention to the highest quality with our e-scooters and we only sell real brand scooters. Before we add an e-scooter model to our range, the device is thoroughly tested. We not only pay attention to a good price-performance ratio but also to the “after-sales” service. We only include the device in our program if we also receive spare parts. We have been driving e-scooters with passion for many years and we know exactly what is important. As a customer, we can guide you precisely to your dream scooter.

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