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E-Scooter max 25kmh

Diese E-Scooter sind limitiert auf 25km/h und haben nicht mehr als 600 Watt Leistung.

NINEBOT Ninebot by Segway Max G2 E
Next Generation following the Max G30 - but more range and more power! Weight: 24 kg Range: up to 70 km (Eco-Modus) Speed: 25 km/h Wheels: 10.5" selfhealing tubeless airwheels Motor: 450W Brushless DC Motor Brake: Dual Brake System front and rear spring integrated flash lights foldable maximum load: 120 kg  

- 30%
Egret Egret X Escooter
Perfect ride with big 12,5" Wheels. Weight:  21 kg Range: up to 60 km Speed: 25 km/h Wheels: 12,5" Airwheels Motor: 500W Brushless DC Motor Brake: Dual Disc Brake System Foldable Maximum load: 120kg  

€1,399.95 €1,999.95
NINEBOT Ninebot F-Series F2 Plus E by Segway
The new F-Series comes in a new design and more power. Weight: 17.7 kg Range: up to 55 km (Eco Modus) Speed: 25 km/h Wheels: 10" Airwheels selfhealing and tubeless Motor: 400W Brushless DC Motor Brake: Dual Brake System foldable integrated flash lights Traktionscontrollsystem (TCS) maximum load: 120kg  

NINEBOT Ninebot F-Series F2 Pro E by Segway
The new F-Series comes in a new deisgn and more power together with an unbeatable price. Weight: 18.5 kg Range: up to 55 km (Eco Modus) Speed: 25 km/h Wheels: 10" Airwheels selfhealing and tubeless Motor:400W Brushless DC Motor Brake: Dual Brake System foldable integrated flash lights Traktionscontrollsystem (TCS) maximum load: 120kg  

NINEBOT Ninebot by Segway E2 Plus E
Perfect Last-Mile Escooter from the E-Scooter Brand Ninebot.Weight: 14 kg Range: 25 km (Standard-Modus) Speed: 25 km/h Wheels: 8.1" tubeless Honeycomb Tire Motor: 300W Brushless DC Motor Brake: Dual Brake Systemintegrated flash lights foldable maximum load: 90 kg  

- 9%
Der E-Scooter GT SL is power and lightweight in one scooter! We also can offer you a austria legal version! Only wigths 11,9kg and has range for that with 30km! We also sell HERE a faster Version of the Etwow GT SL. Weight: only 13,2 kg! Range: 30 km Charging Time: 3-4h Speed: 25 km/h Warranty: 12 month, 6 month for the battery Wheels: 200mm rubber Power 48V / 600W Batterie 7.8 Ah Rear drum brake side stand new better grips foldable KERS Brkae LCD Display Light and horn speed controll kick start suspensions

€999.95 €1,099.95
NINEBOT Ninebot F-Series F2E by Segway
The new F-Series comes in a new deisgn and more power together with an unbeatable price. Weight: 17.5 kg Range: up to 40 km (Eco Modus) Speed: 25 km/h Wheels: 10" Airwheels selfhealing and tubeless Motor:400W Brushless DC Motor Brake: Dual Brake System foldable integrated flash lights Traktionscontrollsystem (TCS) maximum load: 120kg  

Egret Egret One Escooter
The new Egret One has been completely redesigned and stands out in the high-end market! With fully integrated cable routing and a large 3.5" TFT display (including USB charging port), the scooter looks truly modern and unique. Many sophisticated details make the Egret ONE one of the most practical scooters available, such as the separate rechargeable battery and the integrated frame lock which can be combined with the Mate lock. Additionally, it features unique Schaeffler hydraulic rim brakes, indicators, and Pirelli 11" tires with double protection against damage. The tire, with its two-piece rim, is easy to replace. The handlebar is height-adjustable, accommodating riders of heights from 1.2m to 2.05m.Weight:  23.8 kg Range: up to 65 km Speed: 25 km/h Wheels: 11" Pirelli Self healing Airwheels Motor: 500W 35NMremoveabkle batteryBrushless DC Motor Brake: Hydraulic Brake System Schaeffler B-SafeDisplay: 3,5" TFT with USB Charing Portflash lightsfoldable maximum load: 125kg  

- 8%
The E-Twow GT Sport is the perfect merge of range and speed. The device has Bluetooth and allows you to connect to the Etwow App, where you get an insight on usefull informations as well as locking the scooter when leaving it out of your sight. In addition to the electrical break the Gt Sport is equipped with a rear drum break, a kick stand and ergonomic handles. The Scooter has a Range of up to 35 Kilometers and can reach a top speed of 45km/h (in the Sport mode).  Weight: only 13 kg! Range: 35 km ( Sport mode 25 km) Charging Time: 3-4h Speed: 39 km/h  Warranty: 12 month, 6 month for the battery Wheels: 200mm rubber Power 48V / 600W Batterie 9.6 Ah Rear drum brake side stand new better grips foldable KERS Brkae LCD Display Light and horn speed controll kick start suspensions

€1,199.95 €1,299.95
Comscoot Comscoot Performance Plus
The Comscoot Performance Plus is a powerful electric scooter that offers you a comfortable and practical riding experience. Here are its key features: Powerful with a maximum speed of 25 km/h and 3 speed modes Strong performance: 500 Watt nominal power Range of up to 31 km (tested) and 48 km on the test bench Maximum gradient of up to 22% and torque of 32 Newton-meters Foldable (Weight: 20 kg) Factory-installed turn signals and aluminum frame Self-healing pneumatic tires without tubes (10 inches) and reinforced mudguard Low-maintenance front drum brake and electric rear brake with recuperation LED front and rear lights, brake light, and center stand Lithium-ion battery (9.6 Ah / 350 Wh) with 2.5 hours charging time up to 80% and 4.5 hours to 100% LCD display and app connectivity via Bluetooth for Android & iOS  Experience the freedom and convenience of the Comscoot Performance Plus electric scooter.

- 15%
NINEBOT Ninebot by Segway P65E
P stands for Power, and that's what the new Ninebot P65 delivers. With a modern design and fantastic features like integrated turn signals, USB port, self-healing all-season tires, and much more. Weight: 24 kg Range: up to 65 km* Charging Time: 4 hours Speed: 25 km/h Wheels: 10.5-inch self-sealing all-season tires Material: Aluminum Motor: 500 W Integrated turn signals in the handlebar Increased water resistance IPX5 Built-in USB C port for charging external devices Battery: 12 Ah 48 V Brake: Front disc brake, Rear electromagnetic brake Front and rear lighting Rear light: Yes Folding mechanism Max. Load: 120 kg Length, Width, Height (unfolded): 121 cm x 51 cm x 119 cm *Actual range depends on riding style, weight, temperature, and terrain. Shipping: Please note that some distant destinations may not be eligible for E-Scooter delivery (e.g., Greece, Malta, Cyprus, etc.).

€1,099.95 €1,299.95
- 37%
Egret Egret Pro Escooter
Smooth ride with that very stable E-Scooter Model with huge range in one ride!Weight:  22.5 kg Range: up to 80 km* Speed: 25 km/h Wheels: 10" Airwheels Motor: 500W Brushless DC Motor Brake: Dual Disc Brake System foldable maximum load: 120kg  The real range depends on various factors. Real use test for Egret Pro are around 50km!

€1,199.95 €1,899.95
Comscoot Comscoot Scooty
Comscoot Scooty - Electric Scooter for Kids Performance: Max. 16 km/h, 3 speed modes, 150 watts Range: 8 km Design: Foldable, lightweight (7.5 kg) Features: Stable, comfortable suspension60 kg load capacity maintenance-free tires Safety: Rear foot brake and block brake Battery: Fast charging (1.5 hrs to 80%), Lithium-ion, 2.9 Ah / 63 Wh The Comscoot Scooty offers kids fun and safety while riding. With its lightweight, foldable design, powerful performance, and practical features, it's the perfect companion for young adventurers.

Comscoot Comscoot Eco Plus
The Comscoot Eco Plus now available with us! Here are some of its key features: 3 speed modes (12, 20, and 25 km/h) Strong performance: 400 watts nominal power Up to 34 km range, 52 km test bench range Maximum gradient of up to 18% Torque of 26 Nm Foldable and lightweight (14 kg) Aluminum frame, factory-installed turn signals IP54 Self-healing 9-inch pneumatic tires Reinforced mudguard Front electric brake, rear disc brake system LED front and rear lights Front-wheel drive LCD display App connectivity via Bluetooth Includes charger (2 hours to 80%, 5 hours to 100%) TÜV-Süd certified lithium-ion battery (9.6 Ah / 350 Wh) with recuperation

- 25%
Comscoot Comscoot Performance
Comscoot is an Autrian brand and offers a lot of specials like free lock and smartphone-holder. The battery can be charged seperately and you can buy a second to double your range. Weight: 20 kg Range: 35-70 km (with second battery) Charging time: 5 hours Speed: 25 km/h Warranty: 12 months manufacturer warranty Wheels: 10.5 Zoll tire Power: 48V / 450W Material: Aluminium Batterie: LG 9.4Ah Break: drum break front and electric brake back light: back and front Folding mechanism Max. load: 120 kg Please note that some more distant destinations might not apply for shipping an E-Scooter (for example Greece, Malta, Zyprus etc.)

€749.95 €999.95
Comscoot Comscoot Max
The Comscoot Max offers powerful performance and robust construction for a comfortable riding experience. Here are the key features: Maximum speed of 25 km/h with 3 speed modes Strong power: 500 watts nominal power Range of up to 42 km (tested) and 65 km on the test bench Maximum gradient of up to 23% and torque of 35 Newton meters Robust off-road construction Weight: 36 kg Aluminum frame, full suspension (rear & front) IP65 classificationTransport hook on the handlebar Maximum load capacity: 180 kg 12-inch tubeless pneumatic tires Reinforced mudguard Factory-installed turn signals, brake light, LED front & rear lights Low-maintenance front drum brake, rear disc brake Includes charger, charging time: 3 hours to 80%, 5 hours to 100% Lithium-ion battery (13 Ah / 624 Wh) with quick-change battery system Large LCD display, app connectivity via Bluetooth The Comscoot Max offers an impressive riding experience with powerful performance and innovative design. Rediscover the world of mobility with this high-quality electric scooter.

NINEBOT E-Kickscooter Zing C10 by Segway
The Ninebot Zing C10 is a real e-scooter for children. The Segway brand offers a cheap but high-quality model as the first child-friendly electric scooter. The scooter is suitable for children between the ages of 8 and 14. Please make sure that the Zing C10 does not have a valid STVO approval and is a toy.Weight: 9.5kgRange: up to 10 km (approx. 40 minutes)* Speed: 16 km/h Wheels: 6 inch solid rubber tires (maintenance-free) Ambient lights on the bottom in three colors (depending on driving mode) Charging time: 2.5 hours recommended age: 8 - 14 years or 130 - 160cm three driving modes (10 km/h, 16 km/h and 16 km/h with more thrust) Motor: 120W rated power Battery: 108Wh Brake: Handbrake for the rear wheel Reflectors Folding mechanism *The actual range depends on the driving mode, the load, the surface and the driving style. Shipping: Please note that some more distant destination countries may not be able to be delivered with e-scooters (e.g. Greece, Malta, Cyprus etc.).

- 20%
E-TWOW E-TWOW Booster ES 25kmh
The E-Scooter Booster ES is very ligth with only 11.6kg and has an integrated bluetooth module with an app. It can reach up to 30km on one charge, which makes it a great scooter for commute. Weight: only 11,6 kg! Range: 30 km Charging Time: 2-3h Speed: 25 km/h Warranty: 12 month, 6 month for the battery Wheels: 200mm rubber E-twow 7.8 Ah Batterie Power 36V / 500W foldable KERS Brkae LCD Display Light and horn speed controll kick start suspensions

€799.95 €999.95

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