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E-Skateboard Hub Drive

EXWAY Exway Flex Hub E-Skateboard
A high quality E-skateboard with range up to 32km and top speed 42 km/h!Weight: 7,7 kg Range: 32 km Top Speed: 42 km/h Motor: 750 Watt Battery: 259 Wh with KERS Decksize: 94 cm long 29 cm width

EXWAY Exway Wave Hub E-Skateboard
Only 6,9 kg for this high speed board.Weight: 6,9 kg Range: 24 km Top Speed: 38 km/h Motor: 430 Watt Battery: 180 Wh with KERS Decksize: 76 cm long 26,8 cm width

EXWAY Exway Ripple Hub E-Skateboard
Weighing only 5.9 kg, the Ripple is one of the lightest E-skateboards with hub drive. It is available in two battery versions: 99Wh and 159Wh. The smaller 99Wh version is even airplane-friendly and can be taken on flights without any issues. Redefining Mobility The Ripple takes you wherever you need to go – beyond the last mile. The built-in lights not only add extra style but also enhance safety on the road. High-Tech Lighting System The innovative lighting system offers various effects and a brake light that illuminates when you brake. Thanks to energy recovery during braking, power is fed back into the battery, providing up to 8% additional range. Compact Remote Control The small, handy remote control fits comfortably in your pocket and offers four riding modes. Another highlight: the Ripple operates without the need for an Exway app. Technical Specifications Weight: 5.9 kg Range: 12 km Speed: 25 km/h Wheels: 75mm * 54mm Longboard Wheels Motor: 672 Watt SHUB V1 Battery: 99 Wh with energy recovery Charging time: 3 hours Trucks: Forged 7" Skate trucks Deck: Composite of bamboo, maple, and fiberglass Deck size: 78 cm long, 27.5 cm wide Maximum incline: 25% Maximum load: 120 kg Discover a new way of transportation with the Ripple E-skateboard and experience mobility at its finest!


FAQ: E-Skateboards with HUB Drive

What is a HUB drive in E-Skateboards?
A HUB drive is a propulsion technology for E-Skateboards where the motors are directly integrated into the wheels (HUBs). This allows for a compact design and improved integration of the motor and skateboard.

What are the advantages of an E-Skateboard with HUB drive?
An E-Skateboard with HUB drive offers a range of benefits, including a compact design, more direct power transmission, fewer wearable parts, and an overall quieter drive noise.

What special considerations should I take when riding an E-Skateboard with HUB drive?
When riding an E-Skateboard with HUB drive, it's important to observe local traffic regulations and ride defensively to avoid accidents. Additionally, you should ensure that the motors do not overheat by avoiding prolonged downhill rides or overloading the motor.