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E-scooters are practical, eco-friendly and inexpensive to maintain and use.
E-scooters are nothing new, but the earlier models were heavy and thanks to the chain drive noisy. By contrast a modern e-scooter hardly weighs more than 10 kilos and takes you over 30 kilometers.

But what makes a good e-scooter? What should you pay attention to when making a purchase?

We are the professionals and here we show you the most important facts!

The most important things you need to know about buying an e-scooter:

In a nutshell!

E-scooters are ten a penny. Many brands and replicas are currently flooding the market. E-scooters can be bought from specialist retailers but also from ordinary supermarkets. But what do you have to look out for when purchasing one? Do I get what I expect?

First of: we very often see "test reports" of e-scooters on the Internet. Unfortunately it quickly becomes clear that the authors never held had an e-scooter in their own hands. The models "recommended" are often simply not worth the money. Sadly some customers realize this too late and are only happy with the second purchase.

So there is hardly any other product where good purchase advice is so valuable. Here are the most important points that are important. You can also see a summary table below. You can also use the practical filter function in our web shop.

What is important concerning an e-scooter?


There have been clear rules for e-scooters in Austria since June 2019. In order to be able to legally drive an e-scooter in public spaces, it must be throttled by the manufacturer to 25 km/ h and the motor output max. 600 W. For most models we offer the option of road traffic regulations!


The weight of an e-scooter is not considered important for many people. They just look at performance. However, weight is probably the most crucial point for daily handling. An e-scooter has to create flexibility. You have to be able to lift it effortlessly from the trunk of the car or carry it to the first floor without a lift or stairs to the subway. Therefore always pay attention to the weight. For an adult, the range for easy carrying is around 10-12 kg. We therefore recommend staying in this range if possible.


An important point is the range. Not everyone drives long distances every day, so you can save a lot of money here if you buy e-scooters with smaller batteries. Therefore, determine your daily routes and calculate your desired range. Usually 25 km a day in the city is enough!


How much power does the e-scooter need? That depends on the following factors: are there inclines to be overcome, how high is the load (weight of the driver), how fast do I want to drive. As a rule a good e-scooter should have around 500 W motor power. Here you can overcome normal inclines even with a load of 100 kg. Strong inclines or heavy loads should better take 600 W and more. When it comes to speed, you have to think about whether you want to travel more than 25 km/ h or not? Then you need a strong battery. Anything over 10 Ah is necessary for proper speedy driving.


The bigger the tires, the more comfortable the ride. However larger tires are not more compact and also heavier. An ideal dimension that has proven itself effective is a diameter of 200mm. Pneumatic tires or solid rubber? Pneumatic tires inherently have great spring behavior, but they require more intensive maintenance. Solid rubber tires are not that comfortable, but good suspension can compensate for this. So if the scooter doesn't have good suspension then make sure that it has at least pneumatic tires!


Unfortunately a good e-scooter costs around 1,000 euros. Therefore pay close attention to what expectations you have of the e-scooter in order not to be disappointed afterwards. An e-scooter can make your daily mobility a lot easier. The demands on a light, compact but powerful device are enormous. Therefore we deliberately focused on quality in order to enjoy an e-scooter for a long time!

Modell STVO Leistung Reichweite Geschwindigkeit Akku Gewicht Reifen Preis
Ninebot ES2 No 300 W 25 km 25 km/h 5,2 Ah 12,5 kg Vollgummi 200 mm € 599,95
SXT Eco light No 350 W 30 km 27 km/h 6,5 Ah 10,7 kg Vollgummi 200 mm € 699,95
E-TWOW Booster S2+ Yes (optional) 500 W 30 km 30 km/h 6,5 Ah 10,8 kg Vollgummi 200 mm € 699,95
E-Micro Merlin Ja 450 W 25 km 25 km/h 5,6 Ah 11,0 kg Vollgummi 200 mm € 799,95
SXT 1000 EEC No 1350 W 30 km 40 km/h 12,0 Ah 40,0 kg Luftreifen 200 mm € 849,95
E-TWOW Booster V Yes (optional) 500 W 40 km 34 km/h 10,5 Ah 11,2 kg Vollgummi 200 mm € 899,95
E-Micro Falcon No 250 W 15 km 25 km/h - 7,5 kg Vollgummi 150/120 mm € 929,95
E-TWOW GT 2019 Yes (optional) 700 W 50 km 40 km/h 10,5 Ah 11,9 kg Vollgummi 200 mm € 999,95
SXT Buddy V2 No 650 W 40 km 35 km/h 10,4 Ah 13,0 kg Luftreifen 200 mm € 1.099,95
E-TWOW GT 2020 Yes (optional) 700 W 50 km 40 km/h 10,5 Ah 11,9 kg Vollgummi 200 mm € 1.299,95
E-TWOW Booster V Monster No 1000 W 50 km 40 km/h 14,0 Ah 11,2 kg Vollgummi 200 mm € 1.475,95
Boosted Rev No 2x750 W 35 km 39 km/h - 20,0 kg Luftreifen 220 mm € 1.899,95