Our in-house specialist workshop works precisely and with passion for every new case. Our advantage is to keep the availability of spare parts as high as possible in order to shorten waiting times. Should it take a while, we also have rental equipment for the time your scooter is with us. Whether service or repair, we carry out our work conscientiously and at fair prices. Thanks to our pick-up service, which is offered by us, you don't need to worry about anything, we will conveniently pick up your broken e-scooter from you.

Our services

Service & Security check


Tuning & Street legal

Tire change

Battery change

Brake maintenance

Loan devices

Fleet service


Is your scooter already driven you several kilometers and needs to be checked again? In order for you to enjoy your e-scooter for a long time, professional maintenance of the e-scooter is part of it. We carry out a scooter service for all well-known brands!

Advantages of a service: Regular services can significantly increase the service life of the e-scooter. Furthermore, there are services to increase safety, every e-scooter is specially checked with regard to driving safety. Choose between the small and large service.

Small Service ... 29,00 €

For everyone who needs a quick check of the scooter.

The following services are included:

  • Test of fitness to drive
  • Adjust brakes
  • Adjust tire pressure
  • Test drive
Big Service ... 59,00 €

Our great service includes everything that makes an e-scooter work again!

The following services are included:

  • Test of fitness to drive
  • Adjust brakes
  • Adjust tire pressure
  • Check battery status
  • Check suitability for road traffic regulations
  • Lubricate moving parts
  • Check components strength
  • Cleaining
  • Test drive
Pick-Up Service ... from 19,00 €

E-scooter collection and delivery Collection 19.00 € Collection and delivery € 39.00 No time to come to the workshop? We'll pick up the device conveniently from you! Book an appointment now!

  • Pick-up in Vienna
  • free assessment
  • Return in Vienna
Tuning & StVo suitability ... Price on request

Make more of your scooter and stay in the legally green area. We check your scooter for all legal requirements. We would be happy to discuss tuning options with you.

Brake service ... 19,00 €

We check your brakes and readjust them. The price does not include any materials.

Fleet service ... Price on request

We also maintain entire fleets of e-scooters especially for corporate customers. Be it for regular maintenance or repair of individual scooters. We have worked successfully with numerous large and small companies. Become a partner too!

Loan devices ... € 3 per day

We have a very special service for our customers. You can borrow a rental scooter from us during the repair period at a reasonable price.


Do you have a problem with your e-scooter? Be it a flat tire or a defective battery. We repair all models from the well-known e-scooter brands. With us you have full cost transparency! The costs are discussed with our customers depending on the repair needs and budget. So you always know how much your repair will cost! We don't start before that.

Trouble-shooting ... 29,00 €

Your e-scooter no longer works as it should? But you don't know what is really missing from the e-scooter? We would be happy to find out for you!
Tire Change

Tire change (without material) per tire ... 45 €

Tire change Xiaomi M365 (with tube and jacket material) per tire ... 70 €

Xiaomi M365 tire change (with tubeless material) per tire… 65 €

Xiaomi M365 tire change (with tubeless material) per tire… 65 €
Xiaomi M365 Reifenwechsel (mit schlauchlosem Material) pro Reifen… 65 €
Tire change Xiaomi M365 (material tubeless) per tire ... 65 €
Reifenwechsel Xiaomi M365 (Material schlauchlos) pro Reifen ... 65 €

Do you have a flat tire? Or would you prefer to switch to tubeless tires? We check the tube and coat of your tire and replace what is broken. Tired of checking the air pressure and slamming? We can install a tubeless tire for you.

Battery change .. € 25.00 / quarter hour + battery

Price depending on working hours (25 euros / quarter hour) plus purchase price for the battery.

The e-scooter no longer wants to get you to your destination? Maybe you need a new battery. Or you want to increase the range and are looking for a more powerful battery. We would be happy to look at the options and advise you. We are also happy to give tips on how to properly care for the battery.

Brake repair ... 29,00 €

Is the braking performance decreasing or the brakes no longer working? We adjust the brake cables and set up the brake discs. This is how we guarantee a safe journey. We can also install brakes afterwards, we would be happy to make you an offer (not possible for all models).

Change of light ... Price on request

Your e-scooter no longer lights up? Whether front or rear light - we make it shine again.

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