EXWAY Exway Flex Pro 2 E-Skateboard

Top quality e-skateboard with the most modern battery technology. A range from 45 kilometers with top speed of 50 km/h!


Available in 50 days, delivery time 1-3 days

Art.-Nr.: exway-flex-pro
Manufacturer: EXWAY
"Exway Flex Pro 2 E-Skateboard"

The flagship of the Exway Flex Series impresses with outstanding performance and extremely short charging times. The latest generation from Exway sets new standards in E-skateboarding!

Innovative Design and Cutting-Edge Technology

The high-end E-skateboard of the Flex Series comes with the impressive Bifrost 2.0 lighting system, weighs only 9.8 kg, and boasts a remarkable power output of 2520 W.
The Bifrost 2.0 system not only provides a futuristic look but also ensures safety: it indicates when you brake or blinks when you want to turn.
With the latest generation of the Rexus Smart Remote, you always have full control. This intelligent remote allows precise control and maximizes your riding experience.

Performance and Comfort in Perfection

The high torque belt motor with 2520 W performance delivers double the power at the same weight, offering unparalleled acceleration and driving performance.
The ergonomically designed deck is easy to ride and extremely comfortable. With a width of 25 cm, it provides a secure stance even at high speeds.

Technical Specifications

  • Weight: 9.9 kg
  • Range: 45 km
  • Speed: 50 km/h
  • Charging time: 2 hours
  • Trucks: Trist 8" forged
  • Wheels: 90 mm x 64 mm (90% Super Rebound)
  • Motor: 2520 Watt Riot V2 drive
  • Battery: 432 Wh with energy recovery
  • Deck size: 97 cm long, 26 cm wide
  • maximum Load: 200 kg
  • Brake light
  • Turn signals
  • All-around LED lights

Experience the Future of Mobility

Experience the future of mobility with the new flagship of the Flex Series. Dive into a world of E-skateboarding at the highest level and enjoy unparalleled driving dynamics and safety!

Battery capacity: 4.2 Ah
Charging time in hours: 1-2 h
Engine: 2500 W
Range: 40 km
Resilience: 100 kg
Speed: 50 km/h
Wheel diameter: 90 mm

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