The perfect combination between speed and range. Up to 35km with only 13kg weight.


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Art.-Nr.: e-twow-gt-sport11094
Manufacturer: E-TWOW
The E-Twow GT Sport is the perfect merge of range and speed. The device has Bluetooth and allows you to connect to the Etwow App, where you get an insight on usefull informations as well as locking the scooter when leaving it out of your sight. In addition to the electrical break the Gt Sport is equipped with a rear drum break, a kick stand and ergonomic handles. The Scooter has a Range of up to 35 Kilometers and can reach a top speed of 45km/h (in the Sport mode).  

  • Weight: only 13 kg! 
  • Range: 35 km ( Sport mode 25 km) 
  • Charging Time: 3-4h 
  • Speed: 39 km/h  
  • Warranty: 12 month, 6 month for the battery 
  • Wheels: 200mm rubber 
  • Power 48V / 700W Batterie 9.6 Ah 
  • Rear drum brake 
  • side stand 
  • new better grips 
  • foldable 
  • KERS Brkae 
  • LCD Display 
  • Light and horn 
  • speed controll 
  • kick start 
  • suspensions
Battery capacity: 9.6 Ah
Charging time in hours: 3-4 h
Color: Black, Grey, Orange, White
Engine: 700 W
Foldable: Yes
Operating voltage: 48 V
Range: 35 km
Resilience: 110 kg
STVO approval: No
Speed: 37 km/h
Weight: 13 kg

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