Storm Thunder brake pads 29,6mm

Brake pad 29,6mm for E-Scooter


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Art.-Nr.: bremsbeläge-29,6mm
"Storm Thunder brake pads 29,6mm"

Zero10x 11x Vsett 10+ Storm Thunder brake pads

Width 29.6mm

Thickness 4mm

Pair of semi-metallic brake pads to replace your brakes on the following scooters:

Dualtron Storm,


Zero 10x (only cable or slot hydraulics AR),

Zero 8x,

Zero 11x,

Bronco Motors Extreme

SpeedTrott RX2000

Kugoo Gbooster

Vsett 10+, Vsett 11+

Egret ten V2,V3 AR

Currus Nf10 and Nf11

Kaabo Mantis Dual

spare part for e-scooter (2pcs)

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